What are the important indicators to measure the performance of planetary reducer?

Return clearanceLoading torqueAllowable radial force and axial forceAllow input speedTorsional stiffnessrunning voiceFull load efficiencyService liferange of wo......

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What is the internal structure of a planetary reducer?

A general first-level planetary reducer contains: 5 gears (1 sun gear, 3 planet gears, 1 internal gear)6 bearings (1 ball roller bearing at the input end, 2 bal......

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Analysis of spur gear rotation and helical gear rotation of reducer?

Spur gear rotation: high transmission efficiency, long life, and easier processingHelical gear transmission: low noise, high speed, smooth transmission and good......

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What factors are related to reducer noise?

1. Motor speed: the higher the speed, the greater the noise.2. Reduction ratio: The more stages, the greater the noise.3. Lubrication condition: good lubricatio......

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In what industries are reducers generally used?

Laser cutting machine; lithium battery coating machine; digital printing machine; various packaging machinery (pillow packaging machine, vertical packaging mach......

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What types of reducers are there?

1. Worm gear reducer: It has a reverse self-locking function and can have a larger reduction ratio. The input shaft and the output shaft are not on the same axi......

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