Common cooling methods for linear reduction motors

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After the linear reduction motor has been working for a long time, its internal temperature will begin to rise. Once the temperature is too high, equipment damage will occur. Therefore, it is necessary to cool the device in this case. At present, the common cooling methods of linear reduction motors are:

1. Fan cooling.

1. Using a fan to dissipate heat is simple and convenient.

2. This cooling method is not suitable for cooling the gearbox in environments such as coal mines, otherwise it will pollute the surrounding working environment and mechanical equipment.

2. Water cooling coil.

1. The pipe installed at the bottom of the gearbox and connected to the cooling water can effectively increase the thermal conductivity, reduce the oil temperature and increase the thermal power.

2. Due to the limitation of the installation space of the linear reduction motor, the coil length of the water-cooled coil heat dissipation structure cannot be very long, so its heat dissipation effect is limited. The utility model has simple structure, convenient installation, good heat dissipation effect and easy serialization.

3. External lubrication.

1. This cooling method refers to setting up an air-cooling or water-cooling device outside the linear reduction motor to cool the lubricating oil in the reduction motor, and the cooled lubricating oil returns to the reduction motor for lubrication. External lubrication is mainly used for cooling at high power or high ambient temperatures.

2. The advantages of external lubrication are good cooling effect and long service life of lubricating oil. The disadvantage is that the number of control points increases, which also greatly increases the probability of accidents.

Therefore, when the internal temperature of the linear reduction motor used is too high, you can choose one of the above methods for cooling. However, we should pay attention to the use of equipment, and there will be some differences in the applicable cooling methods. We must pay more attention to avoid using wrong methods to achieve good cooling effects.

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