Selection of important parameters of angle planetary reducer

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The angle planetary reducer has a relatively compact structure, small return clearance, high precision, long service life, and large rated output torque, but the price is slightly higher. Planetary reducers are generally used when higher torque is required in a limited space, that is, they are small in size and have large torque. Their reliability and lifespan are better than those of spur gear reducers. Spur gear reducers are used for low current consumption, low noise and high efficiency, low cost applications. The characteristics of the angle planetary reducer are small size, large output torque and high transmission efficiency.

Selection of important parameters of angle planetary reducer:

Reduction ratio: The ratio of input speed to output speed.

Number of stages: The number of sets of planetary gears. Typically, a maximum of three levels can be reached, with reduced efficiency.

Full load efficiency: The transmission efficiency of the reducer under maximum load (fault stops output torque).

Working life: The cumulative working time of the reducer under rated load and rated input speed.

Rated torque: It is the torque allowed for long-term operation during the rated life. When the output speed is 100 rpm, the life of the reducer is the average life. When it exceeds this value, the average life of the reducer will decrease. When the output torque exceeds twice, the reducer fails.

Noise: In decibels dB(A), this value is measured when the input speed is 3000 rpm, no load and the distance from the reducer is 1 meter.

Hysteresis: The input end is fixed and the output end rotates clockwise and counterclockwise. When the output end bears plus or minus 2% of the rated torque, a slight angular displacement will occur at the output end of the reducer. This angular displacement is the return clearance.

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