High and low temperature (vacuum) stepper motor

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The function of the stepper motor is to convert electrical pulse signals into mechanical angular displacement. It is often used as an actuator in digital control systems. Since its input signal is a pulse voltage, the input angular displacement is intermittent, that is, every time an electrical pulse signal is input, the rotor moves forward one step, so it is called a stepper motor, also called a pulse motor.

High and low temperature stepper motors are specially designed for applications in high and low temperature environments and still have good performance in special environments.

Advantages of high and low temperature (vacuum) stepper motors

1. Wide temperature adaptability range: low temperature can reach -80℃, high temperature instantaneous temperature can reach 250℃, and maintains good performance;

2. Large low speed torque;

3. Small size, long life and simple drive;

4. Cost control is easy.

Disadvantages of high and low temperature stepper motors

1. Improper control may cause resonance;

2. It is difficult to run to higher speeds;

3. The torque is not constant and generally decreases as the rotational speed increases;

4. When the load is exceeded, synchronization will be destroyed, and vibration and noise will be emitted during high-speed operation;

5. The control accuracy is worse than that of servo motor.

The selection of high and low temperature stepper motors generally starts from several aspects.

1. Motor temperature level > ambient temperature during system operation + motor temperature rise;

2. Motor rated speed > maximum input speed required by the system;

3. The torque of the motor at the required speed of the system > the working torque under continuous load;

4. Consideration of size and special environment.

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