Things to note when using stepper motors

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Pay attention to the following points when using stepper motors:

1. The stepper motor is used at low speed, and the speed should not exceed 1000rpm, preferably between 150-450rpm. It has the advantages of high working efficiency and low noise.

2. It is best not to use the stepper motor in the full-step state, as the vibration will be greater in the full-step state.

3. Only motors with a rated voltage of 12V use 12V. The voltage value of other motors is not the driving voltage value. The driving voltage can be selected according to the driver. Of course, in addition to the 12V constant voltage drive, other driving power sources can be used for 12V voltage, but it must be Temperature rise must be considered.

4. For loads with large inertia, a large-sized stepper motor should be selected.

5. When the motor is running at high speed or with a large inertia load, it generally does not start at the operating speed, but gradually increases the frequency and speed. First, the motor does not lose step. Second, it can reduce noise and improve positioning accuracy when stopping.

6. For high accuracy requirements, mechanical deceleration should be used to increase the motor speed.

7. The motor should not operate within the vibration range. If necessary, this can be solved by changing the voltage, current or increasing damping.

8. When the stepper motor operates below 90RPM, it should operate with small current, large inductance, and low voltage.

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