Analyze the difference between planetary reducer and other reducers

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The planetary reducer is a reducer with outstanding performance. Due to structural reasons, the minimum single-stage deceleration is 3, and the maximum usually does not exceed 10. The more common reduction ratios are: 3/4/5/6/8/10. The number of reducer stages usually does not exceed 3, but some customized reducers with large reduction ratios can achieve 4-level reduction. So what is the difference between a planetary reducer and other types of reducers? Next, the editor will give you a brief introduction:

Compared with other reducers, planetary reducers have the advantages of high precision (single stage can achieve within 1 minute), high rigidity, high transmission efficiency (single stage is 97%-98%), maintenance-free, and large torque. It is precisely because of these characteristics that planetary reducers are mostly used on stepper motors and servo motors to increase torque, reduce speed, and match inertia. They are also the most widely used type of reducer at present.

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