How to deal with the planetary reducer getting damp?

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In the actual production of enterprises, it is often found that after some planetary reducers have been idle for a period of time, the insulation resistance of the reducer windings will decrease when restarted. If it is put into operation rashly, it may cause the insulation breakdown of the planetary reducer coil and cause an accident. So if such a problem occurs, how to solve it?

The problem of moisture in the planetary reducer can be solved by using external heat source heating. For wet equipment, first disassemble and inspect it, and then bake it indoors with a high-power incandescent bulb, or dry it in a drying room. This method is simple to operate, but it is only suitable for asteroid reducers, making it easy to disassemble and inspect.

For large and medium-sized equipment that is difficult to dismantle and inspect, the workload is relatively large and the feasibility is also reduced. It should be noted that when using this method, the bulb or heat source cannot be too close to the coil to avoid burning the coil. The outer shell of the planetary reducer can be covered with canvas and other insulation items.

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