Disassembly and assembly method of right angle reduction motor

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Disassembly and assembly methods of right angle reduction motor:

1. Remove the backstop of the right-angle reduction motor and place it in the designated position to avoid collision.

2. Remove the protective cover, motor and brake disassembly line of each component, and mark the disassembly line for reference during reassembly.

3. Mark the assembly mark of each bearing end cover, remove the fastening bolts and end cover, measure the thickness and quantity of the asbestos gasket of the bearing end cover with an outer diameter micrometer, and make original records. Preliminary inspection of the bearing end caps showed that the straight end faces were free of wear and cracks.

4. Before jacking up the upper cover, check whether there are any abnormalities such as missing screws. Use the jacking screws to jack up the upper cover and lift it to the prepared base plate. Special Note: Please mark the original meshing positions of the gears and mesh them in the original order when reassembling.

5. Remove the motor anchor bolts and lift the motor. When removing the motor anchor bolts, record the thickness and position of the original anchor pads as a basis for timing. Loosen the brake's anchor bolts, remove the brake adjustment screw, remove the brake, and then remove the brake.

6. Mark the relative position of the upper and lower joint surfaces of the right-angle reduction motor, remove the fastening bolts of the upper and lower covers of the reduction motor, replace the damaged bolts, and remove the positioning pins. Check whether the bolts are incomplete or damaged and tighten the nuts onto the screws for proper storage.

7. Remove the pin of the high-speed coupling of the right-angle reduction motor, unlock the low-speed gear coupling, and move the two halves of the coupling to both sides. Before disassembling the high-speed and low-speed couplings of the reduction motor, use a shovel or sample punch to mark the relative positions as a basis for reinstalling the relative positions of the couplings.

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