Maintenance precautions during the running-in period of the reducer

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First of all, for all machines, there is a certain running-in period so that all parts can run-in to achieve better production results in the future. However, during this period, it is very important to pay attention to the maintenance of the reducer. A little carelessness can lead to excessive wear and failure of the machine.

1. For some reducers with special materials or functions, pre-job training is required for staff so that they have better operation and maintenance methods without affecting the use of the machine due to some errors.

2. During the trial operation, attention should be paid to the workload of the machine. Only when the load of the machine does not exceed 85% of the rated load, the overheating phenomenon of the machine production can be guaranteed.

3. Observe whether there is any abnormal noise, and replace the contaminated lubricating oil in time to prevent the machine from serious friction.

4. The overall cleanliness of the reducer and loose or damaged parts should be maintained.

Regardless of whether it is the running-in period of the reducer, all maintenance work should be done to prevent the machine from being seriously damaged and unable to operate normally.

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