Design principles of hard tooth surface reducer in automation applications

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Hard tooth surface reducers are widely used in the field of mechanical automation, especially in the industrial field. In addition, the consumption of the hardened reducer is also serious, especially the gear part. Therefore, in order to make a hard-tooth surface reducer efficient and durable, the design of the gear must comply with the following standards:

1. In the process of making gears, first of all, the contact fatigue limit standards in tooth surface manufacturing must be followed. Then the index circle of the gear also has key geometric figures and main parameters and other indicators, and then the bending fatigue resistance performance of the transmission gear is measured. Limit adjustment determined. If a hard tooth surface (tooth surface strength >350HBS) is used, appropriate adjustments must be made according to the bending fatigue limit standard of the gear, and then the index of the gear displacement coefficient must be determined.

2. During the formulation process, the hardened surface must be calculated based on the bending fatigue limit to determine the main parameters and specifications of the gear design.

3. Open transmission system: For this kind of transmission system, it is only necessary to calculate the bending fatigue limit of the tooth root, and then it is even more critical to appropriately expand the displacement coefficient. Wear rates must be built into the formulation process to accommodate specific application requirements. Closed test transmission system: In the process of formulating the soft tooth surface, the design plan should be calculated based on the contact fatigue limit of the tooth surface, and then the main parameters and specifications of the gear should be clarified.

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