Classification and characteristics of linear reduction motors

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1. R series linear reduction motor.

R series linear reduction motors have the advantages of small size, light net weight, high load-bearing capacity, high efficiency, long service life, convenient and quick installation, wide motor power range, and fine transmission ratio classification.

2. S series helical worm gear motor.

3. K series linear reduction motor.

The linear reduction motor adopts the direct connection method of the motor. Its structure is gear and rack transmission, and the output is shaft assembly and testing. There are six basic installation methods. When running in the positive and negative directions, a hard motor shaft is also used to make it run more smoothly and have a larger load-bearing capacity. In addition, the machine has the advantages of large speed range, compact structure, and convenient and quick installation.

4. F series product vertical shaft reduction motor.

F series vertical axis reduction motors generally adopt a control module structure with modular design specifications, which reduces the types of parts, supply and delivery time to a certain extent. This machinery and equipment is also widely used in light industry, food industry, beer and beverage, pharmaceutical factories, escalators and other fields.

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