How to limit the current of the corner reducer

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When limiting the speed of certain equipment and devices, the angle reducer will also generate partial current. There is generally no problem if the current is within the normal range, but if the current is too large, the consequences may be short circuit, open circuit and other problems. In addition, some industries will limit the current of the equipment, mainly for safety of use. So how does it limit the current?

1. The inverting input terminal of the angle reducer comparator provides a 100mV reference voltage as the current limiting reference;

2. During the rising time of the oscillator sawtooth wave, if the current is too large, the comparator will flip to reset the lower Rs flip-flop, and the driver output will be turned off to limit the current to continue to increase;

3. During the fall time of the corner reducer’s sawtooth wave, reset the flip-flop to turn on the driver’s output, and use this cycle-by-cycle current comparison to achieve current limiting;

4. The external inverter bridge is grounded through the resistor Rs and serves as the current sampling input of the current detection comparator.

When it is necessary to limit the current of the corner reducer, a resistor can be installed, because according to the analysis of physical knowledge, it can reduce the current to effectively protect the equipment. Before use, you should know the voltage of the environment. Sometimes, voltage can also affect current flow.

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